5 great personal finance podcasts

Are podcasts an essential part of your day?  Listening to these great finance podcasts can improve both your daily commute and your financial literacy.

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada. So, it’s great time to increase your financial education. These Canadian podcasts will help you manage personal finances and plan for your future.

5 Great Canadian Finance Podcasts:


1. Mo Money

Currently in her 11th season, Mo Money podcaster Jessica Moorhouse delivers personal financial advice in a warm, chatty way. Mo Money gets tackles money and lifestyle through conversations with interesting guests. Moorhouse tackles niche finance topics, that are often ignored by financial planning services, such as Reaching Financial Independence If You’re Single and What’s Its Really Like to Be a New Homeowner.

Here’s a recent episode, where Moorhouse and financial planning guru, Shannon Lee Simmons take on baby-proofing your finances. 

2. Because Money

Podcast hosts Chris Enns, Sandi Martin and John Robertson know that finances, like life, don’t always follow your plan. The podcast addresses real-life money issues, with topics like Breakups and Aging Parents. Guests have a wide variety of money experience. In other words, there really is something for everyone.

Here’s an episode about preparing for emergencies. And why everyone thinks using their emergency fund is just as bad as the emergency!

3. Canadian Couch Potato

Interesting in doing your own investing? Canadian Couch Potato podcast host, Dan Bortolotti, is here to demystify DIY investing. The show has a wealth of helpful information for everyone, whether you’re an investing newbie or stock-market savvy. Canadian Couch Potato answers listener questions and gives useful advice for investors.

Here’s an episode that explores how to invest with a conscience and stay true to your personal values.

4. Moolala: Money Made Simple

Best-selling finance writer, Bruce Sellery, brings actionable money advise to his Moolala podcast. Sellery’s advice is interesting without being intimidating. Informative and entertaining, Moolala explores all areas of personal finance. Bonus: The episodes are energetic and short – often under 10 minutes!

With the price of groceries on the rise, and salaries… not, Moolala investigates how to make great food affordable.

5. Build Wealth Canada

Build Wealth Canada host, Kornel Szrejber, was a marketer for big business. He left the corporate world to start a small business. His job change showed him that he had a lot to learn about budgeting and investing. His interest in growing his money has remained constant. Past episodes have focused on RRSPs, insurance and optimizing the all-important credit score.

Here’s an interesting episode about the top financial mistakes of Canadians.

Additional financial literacy resources: Check out this recent post of our recommended personal finance reads for any age.

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