When we stand together, we are more secure.

The world is big. And sometimes, it is a cruel place.

Since the beginning of history, we have gathered in communities for safety. In the beginning we were a community of education workers. People who were drawn to a profession that puts the well-being of students ahead of their own. These are people with a sense of mission. People who, every day give more than they take. Today we are an insurance provider for all Canadians who believe in giving to the greater good.

At Teachers Life you are not a policy number, you are a member-entitled to fair, dignified and personal service. You have worked hard to achieve your personal goals. We are here to help protect them.

Teachers Life is a federally regulated fraternal insurance company.

Our assets are well above regulatory reserve requirements, which means our Members enjoy greater financial stability and independence.

Trusted Insurance Expertise for Over 80 Years

Teachers Life has been a part of Ontario’s insurance and education communities since 1939. We are thriving, and committed to reinvent, grow and transform our organization by providing our Members with tailored products and benefits, delivered by an exceptional service experience.

Strong corporate governance is the backbone of Teachers Life. Our Members can be secure in the knowledge that we are meeting and exceeding compliance regulations and should be reassured by the quality and rigour of our Canadian insurance regulators.

We were the first insurance provider in North America to successfully underwrite an insurance product completely online.

Giving Back to Our Members, Their Families and Our Communities

We’re a fraternal insurer with a mandate to give back to our Members. Since 2010, through innovation, we’ve been able to significantly streamline our process to generate more than $3.6 million for reinvestment back to the community and our Members including investing more than $500,000 in scholarships and bursaries for the families of our Members. Dedicated to those who work in education, these awards are a flagship program of our fraternal mandate.


Given Back to Our Members, Communities & Charities Since 2010


In Scholarships & Bursaries to Students

Flourish+ Member Benefits

Focused on mental health and wellness, Flourish+ goes beyond the ordinary to support your well-being with a variety of programs co-created with our Members. Enhanced, meaningful, complimentary healthy living benefits, rebates, awards and giving back for mental health. Well-being for life. Learn more about Flourish+ benefits.

Mental Health Resources

We’ve developed online mental health and well-being resources for the Canadian education community. The first of its kind, the site is dedicated to the unique needs of teachers and students.

In addition to providing valuable information to assist individual educators, these resources recognize the important role educators play in the lives and well-being of students and features contributed expert content on understanding student wellness. You have access to mental health and well-being quizzes, articles, and infographics to help you and your students flourish.

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