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How to travel the world for (nearly) free

Date: September 28, 2016

For teachers who have summers off, or who are anticipating a 4-over-5 year, travel is often top-of-mind. Having weeks, or even months, off work gives you the ideal opportunity to travel out of country or for long stretches of time. But travel can be prohibitively expensive — unless you know some travel hacks. The following … Continued


Planning for a Post-Secondary Education

Date: September 14, 2016

  No one needs to convince a teacher about the value of education. As you already know, an education is the best investment you can make. But it’s an investment that is getting more and more expensive. Tuition costs are rising and may be out of reach by the time you’re children are ready. Starting … Continued


You’re about to buy a home, now what?

Date: September 7, 2016

Buying a house is one of the biggest steps you will take in life, and probably the biggest purchase. There’s a lot to think about, aside from location, size and soundness. Here are some of the key financial considerations and questions you should ask yourself before taking the big step. How much can you afford? … Continued


3 Steps to Achieving Financial Wellness

Date: August 31, 2016

Holistic health and wellness is a hot topic these days as we have come to understand that lifestyle choices, nutrition, stress levels and exercise all contribute to our state of well-being. Did you know that your financial health is also part of your holistic health picture? Financial wellness is a measure of your knowledge and … Continued


The Importance of Estate Planning

Date: August 24, 2016

Top 3 reasons you need an estate plan Even if you don’t think you have an estate, think again. An estate is simply the totality of an individual’s ownership of money, real estate and personal property. In essence, an estate plan establishes your wishes for the transfer of your money and property and the care … Continued


The 5 W’s: What educators need to know about life insurance

Date: August 10, 2016

A common scenario. Two teachers meet, fall in love, marry and start a family. Part of the bond between them is they have summers off. Also, they understand one another, including their financial situation with regards to things like income, savings, retirement planning and benefits. It’s all good, right? Well, no, not necessarily. If you … Continued


Teaching kids the value of money and the concept of insurance

Date: August 3, 2016

As an Educator or parent, you are in a position to help kids learn Financial Literacy from an early age. Knowing how to manage money is a key skill that everyone needs as they grow up. Following are some key concepts about money, including the concept of money itself. Money What is money? What does … Continued


Who do you want to be when you retire?

Date: July 27, 2016

Most of us never think deeply about retirement. We may occasionally spend time crunching the numbers, to see if we’re on track financially. But ensuring you can afford your retirement should be only one of your concerns. It also helps to think about what you want to do and who you want to be. We … Continued


How to calculate your life expectancy

Date: July 20, 2016

Your life expectancy is one of the factors that determine life insurance rates. It’s also one of the factors you should consider when buying insurance, to ensure your family is well prepared — whether your life span is shorter or longer than you expect. Using the calculators listed below, you can get an idea of … Continued


Life insurance is your family’s superhero

Date: July 13, 2016

  You never know what’s going to happen in life. You can install smoke alarms, look both ways before crossing, eat your vegetables and use sunscreen. But you still never know. And it’s the things we don’t know that insurance is for. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, loss or just life, insurance will be … Continued