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    • Buying a New Home: Mortgage Creditor Insurance vs Life Insurance
    • Date: February 17 , 2022
    • Buying a home and looking into getting some protection for your loved ones? Buying a new home is a whirlwind of excitement, new beginnings, a wonderful investment, and just a tad bit of stress. We want you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy your new humble abode without having to stress about your family’s financial security. To help ease this process, let's walk through some key financial steps to take after buying a home. Talk it Through Talking about money can be awkward and stressful but they’re important conversations to have, especially after a major investment like a property. Ipsos recently conducted a financial study on behalf of RBC, with a population sample of 1,501 Canadians aged 25+. Here are some of their key findings around Canadians and their perceived relationship with their finances: ¼ (26%) of Canadians aren’t confident that their family would be able to pay...
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    • Top 7 Life Insurance Myths Debunked
    • Date: January 10 , 2022
    • Life insurance can seem intimidating – especially with so many myths floating around. Some people think the process of getting life insurance is long, confusing and unnecessary, particularly if you’re young, single, and receive insurance benefits from your workplace. But the fact is, none of that is true! Buying term life insurance can be easy, affordable, and a prudent step in your financial planning. To set the record straight, we’ve debunked and explained the top seven myths around term life insurance. 1. “You don’t need life insurance when you’re young.” Actually, opening up a term life insurance policy when you are young is the optimal time. Why? Because you typically will pay the lowest rates the younger you are. And, for our term non-renewable life insurance product, your rates will remain level throughout the term of your policy. Our term life policies start at age 18 and are available up...
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    • 2021 Local & Sustainable Holiday Shopping Guide
    • Date: December 16 , 2021
    • Ah yes, the winter holidays – joyful, chaotic, and full of last-minute shopping. To ease the stress of gift giving this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of sustainable local shops to support within Ontario. All you have to do is sit back, pick a category, and shop away! P.S. Our Gifts for Everyone category includes some amazing volunteer and non-profit opportunities as well! Gifts for Kids Early Bird & Worm: A unique selection of ethically made fashion, accessories, toys and décor. Fun, fashion and function! Kids Swag: A curated boutique of amazing brands with mindful representation. Mini Mioche: Local, ethical, organic, sustainable soft and comfy basics. Giftolini: Affordable and practical gift baskets for kids, handpicked by a mom of two. Jill & the Beanstalk: An eco-friendly one-stop-shop for all your child and baby needs, including awesome gift ideas. Gifts for Sports & Outdoors Lovers Agawa Camping Gear: Blending...
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    • Mental Health Strategies for Surviving and Thriving Through a Canadian Winter
    • Date: November 12 , 2021
    • Coping with mental illness and maintaining strong mental health is difficult enough without the added obstacle of dark, cold, short winter days. The effects of our drastically changing weather and environment can be a serious strain on our energy levels, stress, appetite, and motivation. We’re here to provide you with a few different mental health resources and strategies so that you can not only survive but thrive through these upcoming Canadian winter months! What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Have you ever felt drastically impacted by the change in seasons? Seasonal Affective Disorder, unironically referred to as SAD, is a form of depression that fluctuates in relation to the change in seasons. Although SAD is commonly experienced in the fall and winter months, it can also affect people during the spring and summer. Common SAD symptoms across the winter months include oversleeping, appetite changes, weight gain, tiredness, and low energy....
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