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    national day for truth and reconciliation
    • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
    • Date: September 30 , 2021
    • September 30, 2021 is the first annual day of Truth and Reconciliation. What is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation? It is a federal statutory holiday that gives the public a chance to recognize and commemorate the intergenerational harm that residential schools have caused to Indigenous families and communities, and to honor those who have been affected by this injustice. Although the last residential school closed in 1996, many other events such as the Sixties Scoop and the over-representation of Indigenous children in the child welfare system contribute to the lasting effects of colonialism on children, families, and communities. Where does this day come from? This national day is one of the Call-to-Actions from the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions of 2015 that investigated the abuse, trauma, and torturous acts within residential schools (including the sixties scoop, day schools, and other kidnappings of Indigenous children into the child welfare system). Within the report...
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    teacher wears mask measures distance between desks
    • How to Find Your Teaching Groove in a World of COVID Chaos
    • Date: September 14 , 2021
    • Excitement, fear, anxiety, and joy are just a few of the words floating around as students and teachers go back-to-school this fall. While many discussions are centered around how to support the students, it’s important to also focus on the much-needed support of teachers during these times. With the growing sense of normalcy that follows in-person teaching, comes a looming sense of stress and anxiety. “What if there’s a COVID outbreak in my class? What if school suddenly goes back to online? How are my students going to adjust? How am I going to adjust?” We understand and we’re right here with you to go through the different strategies and resources that will help you along the way. General Anxiety vs “Teacher Anxiety” While the world has come face-to-face with new or familiar general anxiety during the pandemic, teachers are faced with the unique circumstance of back-to-school “teacher anxiety”. We’d...
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    woman work clothes on phone worried
    • You’re Not the Imposter
    • Date: August 09 , 2021
    • Defining Imposter Syndrome and Learning to Harness Your Confidence Imagine you just landed a new role – whether it be at work or in life. You’ve worked hard to get this role and have many successes to vouch for your abilities, yet you can’t shake the feeling that you’re an imposter. If you’ve ever felt like you’re still “faking it ‘til you make it”, despite your experience, education, and accomplishments, then you may have a common case of imposter syndrome. These feelings of self-doubt are not foreign to the human experience, but they can be inhibiting to your wellbeing and your ability to pursue further goals and accomplishments. We’re going to break down what exactly imposter syndrome is and how you can combat your feelings of doubt to recognize your greatness. Imposter Syndrome - Yes, It’s a Real Thing Originally coined in 1978 by psychologist Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne...
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    mom daughter hot in front of fan blowing
    • Staying Active During a Pandemic/Heatwave
    • Date: July 06 , 2021
    • Sticking to a regular workout routine is hard enough without all the barriers of wearing a mask, gyms constantly shutting down, crowded parks, and our favourite…the increasingly hot heatwave. It can be difficult to find the right balance between movement and resting, particularly when it seems as if some days a jog down the street may land you in the emergency room. Here’s a how-to guide on staying active and cool this summer to look after your mental and physical well-being. Re-Defining Health, Wellness and Movement After passing over a year of being in a pandemic, I think it’s safe to say that most of us have come to re-define exercise, movement, and overall health. While some have found value in slowing down – giving their body and minds more rest, others have found the value in daily movement and stimulation. Regardless, it seems as though we are generally pushing...
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