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    • The 2022 Scholarship and Bursary Award Recipients
    • Date: September 23 , 2022
    • One of our core values is supporting vibrant and healthy communities. As our valued Members are part of the Teachers Life community, we look forward to supporting them and their loved ones through our Awards Program. Our mission is to build a secure future for our Members by giving back in meaningful, long-lasting ways.  This year, we have the honour of recognizing 12 exceptional individuals with the J.F. Allen Scholarship, Hall & Hall Award, and the Teachers Life Bursary. To date, we’ve invested over $450,000 in scholarships and bursaries for the families of our policyholders. Dedicated to those who work in education, these awards are a flagship program of our fraternal mandate.  The 2022 J.F. Allen Scholarship Recipients The J.F. Allen Scholarship  The J.F. Allen Scholarship is given to students who demonstrate excellence, achievement and a deep connection to their schools and communities. The scholarship is for up to 4...
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    • Re-imagining Health and Wellness
    • Date: May 13 , 2022
    • Virgin Pulse Thrive Summit 2022 The health and wellness of our communities has and continues to be a priority for us at Teachers Life. Our amazing partnership with Virgin Pulse allows us to pursue this commitment by providing our Members with complimentary access to our Virtual Health and Wellness Program (powered by Virgin Pulse). This year our team at Teachers Life had the opportunity to attend Virgin Pulse’s Thrive Summit 2022, allowing us to continue to grow and inspire our vision of health and wellness within our communities. Thrive Summit brought together clients from all over the globe to share new and innovative health and wellness programs, their roadmap of enhancements and educated and inspired attendees with speakers who have overcome great obstacles and chosen a path to thrive despite those obstacles. As a team, we got to hear from world-renowned experts, innovators, academics, and industry thought leaders on how...
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    • Introducing our new digital-first brand, nowly…for all Canadians
    • Date: April 08 , 2022
    • We are incredibly excited and proud to introduce our new, digital-first brand nowly. Built on a foundation of Member wellness, community, and best-of-breed technology, nowly is here for all of your individual life insurance needs. Although nowly is owned and operated by Teachers Life, we (Teachers Life) will still be here to cover all group insurance needs for Canadian educators. Here’s a warm introduction to the meaning and value behind our new, purpose-drive, digital-first brand nowly. A new and innovative brand built on the foundation of research. You may be wondering how and why we created our new brand nowly. The process began with a deep and meaningful look into the changing atmosphere of insurance and Canadian’s needs. From this we learned that Canadians want a simple, affordable life insurance plan that was easy to understand, easy to purchase, and includes healthy living benefits. A recent study showed that 40% of Canadians...
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    • Cultivating a Give Back Culture
    • Date: March 11 , 2022
    •         By Martha Turner Osborne, CMSO, Teachers Life | nowly Give back, or corporate social responsibility (SR), has been around for some time now. In fact, it’s safe to say SR programs have become table stakes and a normal part of doing business. The question is – are corporations doing enough? Considering recent events whether that be climate change, current pandemic, war, social injustices – is it time for corporations to rethink how effective their SR programs really are and how important it is for businesses to take a leading role in enabling bold and powerful change. I also sense consumers are awakening/reawakening their social activist selves. In other words, our intolerance of hatred, cruelty and injustice towards any living form is reaching a feverish pitch. Although younger generations don’t shoulder the sole burden of change agency, I do believe this groundswell is being ignited by the...
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