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    financial literacy reading list
    • What’s Financial Literacy? A reading list for every life stage
    • Date: July 17 , 2020
    • Financial Literacy is important for everyone! In our ongoing blog series about financial literacy for young adults, Laura Osborne, a young woman in her final year university, has created a reading list that has something for everyone who wants an education in managing their money. The summer of 2020 can be both boring and stressful for everyone. That’s why we wanted to provide a comprehensive reading list for all to enjoy, regardless of your age or stage in life. I’ve compiled our top picks for taking stock of the oh so important topic of personal finances. I’ve divided the list into four sections: teen, young adult, women in finance, and general.  I've selected the ones I think are the most interesting and enjoyable reads to pick up this summer. These books can be found online, or at your local bookstore or library! Teens: Financial literacy for beginners Whether you’re preparing...
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    financial basics for young adults
    • No Summer Job: What Students Can Do
    • Date: July 09 , 2020
    • As we slide into the summer months of 2020 with our social distancing and masked faces, many post-secondary students find themselves under additional unusual circumstances of unemployment. Many are scrambling right now to figure out how this harsh set of financial circumstances will impact their ability to pay for next year’s tuition, rent and other expenses.  Students are wondering how this gap on their resumes and lack of entry-level work experience may impact their ability to land their first full time job upon graduation. In this week’s blog, Laura Osborne, a young adult in her final year at McGill University is exploring the ups, the downs and some of the resources available to help students stay busy and help still save some money. Say goodbye to boredom So, the summer job you had lined up fell through when the globe began to shut down. Maybe you didn’t have one lined...
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    • How Educators Balance Work and Life
    • Date: July 02 , 2020
    • A Healthy Balance COVID-19 meant big changes for everyone. Suddenly we all were working from our living rooms. Not only that - we had to share that living room with spouses and kids! At Teachers Life, we were curious how our Members were coping with these changes. We also wanted to know their tips for managing work and family while stuck at home. So, we ran a contest to see who had the best advice for maintaining a healthy balance while working from home. Read the advice from our winning entries:  
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    Financial Basics for Young Adults
    • Financial Planning Basics for Young Adults
    • Date: June 25 , 2020
    • At Teachers Life, one of our communication goals as a financial service provider, is to also provide helpful financial tips and education for our Members – and all Canadians - including youth.  Financial literacy is important at all ages, but you could argue, most critical while you are starting your adult life and taking financial planning, saving and spending responsibilities for the first time.  A healthy approach to all three areas is key to a financial secure future. In this 4-part blog series, Laura Osborne, a young adult in her final year at McGill University is exploring what young adults (and their parents) need to know about to take control of their financial future. So where do we start?  I’m in my early twenties, finishing my final year of my undergraduate degree at McGill University.  Financial planning and saving seem like luxuries at this stage in my life.  But, as...
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