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    • 5 Ways to Prepare For a Medical Emergency
    • Date: October 15 , 2018
    • According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s 2014 Report on the Health of Canadians, 9 out of 10 people carry at least one risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Beyond heart-related cases, there are a myriad of potential medical emergencies that can happen at home, work, school – anywhere. Consider these five ways to be more prepared for medical emergencies: Establish emergency contacts Everyone in your household should have easy access to a comprehensive list of contact information for anyone who should be notified or consulted in the event of a medical emergency. Doctors, your provincial telehealth line (if available), your provincial poison control centre, nearby family and friends and workplaces. If you or someone you are with is experiencing a medical emergency that may be life threatening, do not hesitate to dial 9-1-1. Keep track of medication, allergies, and medical conditions If you or anyone in your household...
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    • Update: Possible Mail Service Interruption
    • Date: September 26 , 2018
    • In the event there is a strike by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, we will endeavor to provide continuous service to our Districts, policyholders and partners. Please read the following information to help you manage your account and to help ensure minimal disruption in service should a strike should occur. If you need to:   Submit a form, change request or claim to Teachers Life Insurance: please send us the information by courier, email at, or fax (416-620-6993). Make an annual payment: please register or log into the Members Site to make a convenient one-time payment by credit card. To get rebates, update your address and/or email, and access Beneficiary Change forms log into the secure Members Site. If you have further questions regarding the possibility for interrupted service, or are expecting information from Teachers Life, such as policy documents or a Premium Due Notice please contact us...
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