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    covid19 cells magnified under microscope
    • Why Do I Need to Know About the COVID19 Demystified Project?
    • Date: April 06 , 2021
    • Some of the best things in life are born out of necessity and a demand for certainty. It’s sometimes difficult to know what is or is not true these days and the fear and misunderstanding about COVID-19 is understandably prevalent. There are still some questions and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. But thanks to Lasya Vankayala, some of her classmates and a few subject matter experts, we now know more about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease COVID-19, in terms the average person can understand. [caption id="attachment_11630" align="alignleft" width="300"] Lasya VankayalaFounder, Editor-in-Chief, Site Manager of COVID19 Demystified[/caption] On March 20, 2020, Lasya, a 4th-year Biochemistry Honours student at the University of British Columbia, was working in a lab on a co-op when it shut down due to COVID-19. She noticed that there was some misinformation in the media and that her friends and family were asking her a lot of questions about...
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    Woman and her teen son ride fat bikes in the snow
    • Things to Do This Winter and Spring 2021
    • Date: February 23 , 2021
    • Ok, we're all tired of being stuck at home, doing the same old things over and over. We've seen everything on Netflix and it's time for something new. We decided to do some research to find some fun and interesting things to do. We found something for just about everyone. Don't want to leave your house? We've got you covered. Need to get outside and get some fresh air? Check. Need some new things for the kids to do? We have some of that too. Online Chocolate-Making Workshops There are so many talented chocolate makers sharing their skills online. This is a great learning activity for just one person or the whole family. Need an amazing Mother’s Day gift but don’t want to spend lots of money? Learn how to design a chocolate bar mold with her name on it and you’ll be the favourite child forever! Level Up Your...
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    Find your Focus
    • Find Your Focus
    • Date: January 21 , 2021
    • It's always hard to find focus after the holidays. But during a pandemic, finding your focus may be close to impossible. If you are working from home you have the distraction of household chores, housebound spouses and children online learning. You may not have a dedicated or private work space. Perhaps though, it's not work you're struggling with, but you're having trouble centering your attention on your leisure reading, listening to a friend or maybe you find yourself burning dinner night after night. Maybe its ruminating over your family's health is preventing you from getting anything done. No matter the cause of your wandering mind, it’s time to get back to the grind and find our focus and energy. 6 ways to help you find your focus: 1. Change Your Environment Whether at home or at your workplace, take a few minutes to refresh your workspace. De-clutter your desk, reorganize...
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    new year new financial goals
    • New Year, New Financial Goals
    • Date: January 15 , 2021
    • The New Year is a perfect time to set some new financial goals. The pandemic may have changed the way you are able to spend or save your money. However, there are 6 actionable steps that everyone can take that will make a difference in achieving your financial goals now, later, and well into your future. Short Term Financial Goals Pay off credit card debt Credit cards are an essential financial tool – they help you build credit, earn cash back or have perks, like insurance protection for your purchases. But if you carry a balance on your credit card, you know all about the high-interest rates and how easily it can spin out of control. This year, you can start to pay off your debt by making a few changes. Start by shopping around for a new credit card, you may find a new card with a lower interest...
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