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    Teachers Life Covid 19 Update
    • Teachers Life and COVID-19
    • Date: March 19 , 2020
    • During this unprecedented time, we hope that you and your family are healthy and safe. At Teachers Life our commitment to the health and well-being of our Members, staff and partners is always our top priority. We Are Here For Your Insurance & Benefits Needs You can still call during our regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday or email us us anytime for any service need or concern. Our offices are temporarily closed to in-person visitors. Online Tools Can Serve you 24/7 Have you logged into your secure online account? Members can access policy details, insurance forms and rebates on our online Teachers Life Member Site. If you are a first time user, you will need your Member ID to register. Your Teachers Life Member ID is a unique number generated to identify your insurance file. You can find your Teachers Life Member ID on correspondence, policy...
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    • Meet the 2019 Scholarship & Bursary Winners
    • Date: June 20 , 2019
    • J.F. Allen Scholarship Award Winners:   Robert Di Marco, Richview Collegiate Institute, TDSB Sofia Olaizola, Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School, TCDSB Runners Up: Andrew Adam, Meenakshi Andoorveedu, Ethan Bando, Jace Ellis, Alyssa Ferrara, Chloe Halling, Paige McKinley, and Tailai Wang. Teachers Life Bursary Award Winners: Hannah Prieur, E.J. Lajeunesse High School, Windsor, ON, CSC Providence Matthew Milencoff, St. Mary’s High School, Owen Sound, ON, BGCDSB Our scholarships and bursaries are available to Teachers Life policyholders. Log In to Learn More > Log In to Apply
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    • Financial Planning Often Ignores the Insurance Factor
    • Date: April 10 , 2019
    • Three ways life insurance protects families and helps achieve long-term financial goals Financial plans often start with a vision. Many Canadians dream of watching their children in a cap and gown accept a diploma at their college graduation or spending their retirement years in a warmer climate. Companies have marketed financial plans with those dreams in mind. The part that is often missing in those visions are the financial burdens families shoulder in the event of undesirable circumstances. Life insurance as part of a financial plan can mitigate those situations. Just as diversification is a common strategy to mitigate financial risk, select life insurance can provide families with options to alleviate financial stress in the event of an accident, death or serious illness. Statistics show that 1 in 3 working Canadians will become disabled and unable to work for a period lasting longer than 90 days (Statistics Canada, Commissioners disability...
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    • How much coverage is enough?
    • Date: December 20 , 2018
    • “How much coverage is enough?” is one of the most common questions asked by someone considering life insurance. The problem is, there isn’t really a universal solution for everyone – rather, it depends on a wide range of factors, including your age, income, expenses, dependents and overall financial status. According to CNN Money, one rule of thumb people consider is to purchase a policy where the death benefit is 7-10 times the amount of their annual salary. However, CNN quickly recognizes that this rule of thumb is just that – it lacks accuracy. A more appropriate approach is to look at it from the reverse perspective – how much in household expenses your dependents need you to cover and approximately how long. In a Gen Y Money Q&A, The Globe and Mail explored a scenario with this approach: “…if your family needs you to cover at least $2,800 a month...
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