At Teachers Life, our Member’s well-being is one of our top priorities. We are thrilled to announce our new and improved Member benefits program, Flourish+, made just for you. Focused on mental health and wellness, Flourish+ goes beyond the ordinary to support your well-being with enhanced, meaningful, complimentary healthy living benefits, rebates, awards and giving back.  

Based on valuable feedback from our Education Member Community, we’ve collaborated to curate a benefits program that supports your mental health at every step. From the $100 Annual Healthy Living Rebate to the Press Start CoLab Program promoting impactful change in mental health amongst Canadian youth, each enhancement directly reflects our Members’ shared experiences and aspirations. Flourish+ is here to elevate your Member experience, foster meaningful community connections, and provide mental health and wellness tools and resources – our commitment to your holistic well-being.


Why New Benefits?

At the heart of Flourish+ are our Members. Back in April 2023, we held a series of collaborative sessions with our Members to truly understand their needs for mental health and wellness benefits. After several months, we developed these new and exciting initiatives to bring their aspirations to life.   

 Recognizing the unique challenges faced by education workers, Flourish+ is a meaningful response to the disproportionate mental health adversities in the education community. We aimed to focus these benefits on the most pressing topic today. Mental health remains a crucial priority, especially for demanding occupations such as those amongst education workers.  

To foster the mental health and wellness of all, our nowly Members will also have access to many of our incredible Flourish+ benefits, including the $100 Healthy Living Rebate.


Spotlight on Flourish+ Benefits  

Through Flourish+, Teachers Life Members will gain access to exclusive events, content and resources seamlessly integrated into Member accounts. Through the flexibility of Flourish+, each Member will have a personalized experience tailored to their mental health and wellness journey. Here are just a few of our newly enhanced healthy living benefits:


$100 Annual Healthy Living Rebate   

At Teachers Life, we’re all about supporting you to achieve your personal health and wellness goals. As a Member, you’re entitled to our annual Healthy Living $100 rebate towards a health and wellness program, app, fitness, gym, or sports membership.* The possibilities are endless. Once a calendar year, when you’ve accumulated a $100 spend for health and wellness programs or subscriptions, upload all proof of purchase receipt(s) once, to our Member Experience team via the “APPLY” button in the Member site. *Members must have at least one insurance policy in force with premium payments up to date.  Log in to your Members Site account to make your rebate claim today.


Flourish+ Virtual Talks   

Our virtual wellness speaking events allow our Long-Term Disability Insurance Members to come together as a community and hear inspiring stories from Canadian mental health keynote speakers. We will be hosting one virtual keynote speaker per quarter. Our first virtual talk event featuring Humboldt Bronco crash survivor, Tyler Smith, takes place on February 22 from 4-5pm EST. Sign up today!


Give Back: The Press Start CoLab Program   

Focused on the mental health crisis amongst Canadian youth, our annual Press Start CoLab Program is now introducing a high school cohort to include our education community in creating meaningful and impactful change. Ontario teachers and students can actively collaborate in the 2024 CoLab High School Program.


Scholarship, Bursary and Awards   

We’ve expanded eligibility to more students! We will now accept applications from students entering any year of post-secondary education. In addition to children and grandchildren, our Members’ nieces and nephews are now eligible to apply for Teachers Life awards.



We Value Your Opinion Raffle

We’re on a mission to improve the overall Member Experience and foster a culture of thoughtful innovation together. Do you have a creative, innovative suggestion for us to consider that will enhance your experience? We want to hear from you! Share your insights and get entered into a prize draw.


Member Birthday Raffles   

To celebrate, our Long-Term Disability Insurance Members will receive a Happy Birthday email. They will be entered into a random draw during their birthday month to win a $250 gift card! Members with an email on file with Teachers Life will be automatically entered for a chance to win each year.  Add or update your email address on our Member Portal. Questions? Call us at: 1-866-620-LIFE (5433).


Enroll Today!   

At Teachers Life, we are a community invested in your well-being. Flourish+ is a celebration of that commitment—a program shaped by you, for you. Your journey toward well-being starts here, and we’re honoured to be a part of it.    

 To make the most out of your Member experience:  

  1. Add or update your email address on our Member Portal and sign up for our marketing communications. That includes our monthly newsletter to receive updates about Flourish+ and tips on how you can make the most of our new enhanced benefits program.  
  1. Remember to look for sign-up links to our Flourish+ Talk events and upcoming announcements regarding the Teachers Life Awards and the Press Start CoLab Program High School applications!    

 Together, let’s thrive and prosper with Flourish+. Sign up today and elevate your well-being journey with Teachers Life. 


*Some conditions apply. The Healthy Living rebate is a rebate program intended to reward you for making healthy choices. When you purchase a health or wellness product or service and you provide proof of payment to Teachers Life, you may be eligible for a rebate of up to $100 per calendar year if you: (i) apply electronically via, (ii) submit your proof of payment via the customer portal not later than Jan 31 of the year after your incurred the expense(s), (iii) submit one set of receipts and proof of payment that total not less than $50, (iv) have not already applied for or received the Healthy Living rebate within the calendar year, and (v) hold an insurance policy with us and you have not missed a premium payment. Teachers Life has the right to refuse to redeem a rebate and can change or cancel the Healthy Living rebate program at any time, without notice to you. For help with your submission, contact Teachers Life Customer Service 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday at 800 668-4229, or email us at:

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