Money after life: What to do with an inheritance

Money after life: What to do with an inheritance

When a loved one passes away and leaves behind an inheritance, the decision of what to do with the windfall is often a very difficult one to make. While everyone has a unique financial situation, here are a few potential routes you can take to make the best use of your loved one’s.   Pay … Continued

5 Times to Review Your Insurance

While it is best practice to review your personal finances regularly, the life of an educator is often incredibly busy. The work day doesn’t begin and end when the bell rings, and as in many professions, achieving work/life balance can be a challenge. For those who want to make time but can’t seem to, here … Continued

Newlyweds: Planning for a bright future, together

Building a new life together will take some financial teamwork. Though you are a couple, you may have different financial histories, saving styles and expectations. It’s important to make time to talk about your current finances and future goals. Then create an action plan, together, that includes a way to save, invest and protect your … Continued

Insurance 101: How much?

Well, everybody has a different life insurance need. Not a helpful answer, right? But it is a fact that everyone has unique life insurance needs. This blog should help figure out what your unique need is. The more you know the more effective your financial planning will be. The best way to answer to the … Continued

Insurance 101: The Cost of Life Insurance

80% of us overestimate the cost of life insurance. In fact, those with no life insurance think it’s 3 times more expensive than it actually is. (LIMRA, 2015). But for many, the cost per month would be less than buying a cup of coffee everyday. So what is the cost of insurance? Life insurance prices … Continued

5 Common Myths About Life Insurance

In our Women & Financial Wellness blog series, we’ve been discussing simple tips and tools for making smart choices with your money. Throughout the series, we’ve shown how life insurance can be an important financial tool to protect your family’s financial future. Still, many myths exist about life insurance. Here are 5 common misconceptions about … Continued

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