5 Times to Review Your Insurance

5 Times to Review Your Insurance

While it is best practice to review your personal finances regularly, the life of an educator is often incredibly busy. The work day doesn’t begin and end when the bell rings, and as in many professions, achieving work/life balance can be a challenge. For those who want to make time but can’t seem to, here … Continued

How to calculate your life expectancy

Your life expectancy is one of the factors that determine life insurance rates. It’s also one of the factors you should consider when buying insurance, to ensure your family is well prepared — whether your life span is shorter or longer than you expect. Using the calculators listed below, you can get an idea of … Continued

Life insurance is your family’s superhero

You never know what’s going to happen in life. You can install smoke alarms, look both ways before crossing, eat your vegetables and use sunscreen. But you still never know. And it’s the things we don’t know that insurance is for. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, loss or just life, insurance will be there … Continued

Aspiring retirees: Planning for your golden years

At this life stage, with years of hard work behind you, you can look forward to retirement. What kind of retirement do you want, and how can life insurance help protect your goals? Here are some tips for finding the right life insurance plan in the decade before retirement. Ongoing expenses Ideally, in the years … Continued

New homeowners: Protect your investment

Purchasing a new home is a big investment – one you want to protect. A good life insurance policy can help you do that, as can home insurance san francisco. If you or your spouse passes away, life insurance can help ensure that your family can pay for your home. When purchasing or revisiting your … Continued

New parents: Protecting your family as it grows

As a new parent, you’ll experience a lot of joy – and a lot of worry. Protecting your family can seem overwhelming, for example the burden of saving for a family home like those available from essex homes greenville/spartanburg. But it doesn’t have to be. A good life insurance plan can help reduce worry and … Continued

Newlyweds: Planning for a bright future, together

Building a new life together will take some financial teamwork. Though you are a couple, you may have different financial histories, saving styles and expectations. It’s important to make time to talk about your current finances and future goals. Then create an action plan, together, that includes a way to save, invest and protect your … Continued

Single and Successful: Take Charge of your Financial Future

After years of education young professionals can feel satisfied when they finally kick start their careers. But this is no time to rest on your laurels; it’s time to take charge of your finances and start to plan for what’s next. Do you want to travel, start a family, or buy your dream home? For … Continued

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