Financial Planning Often Ignores the Insurance Factor

Financial Planning Often Ignores the Insurance Factor

Three ways life insurance protects families and helps achieve long-term financial goals Financial plans often start with a vision. Many Canadians dream of watching their children in a cap and gown accept a diploma at their college graduation or spending their retirement years in a warmer climate. Companies have marketed financial plans with those dreams … Continued

5 ways owning insurance makes you richer

Studies have shown that 80% of us overestimate the cost of insurance (LIMRA, 2015). This is detrimental for two reasons. One, monthly insurance premiums cost less than a coffee for many people. And two, insurance is one of the best investments you can make. Here’s why: 1. Term Insurance is for financial obligations that have … Continued

The top 5 reasons to buy term life insurance

You know you need to buy insurance, but you may not know exactly why. There are the obvious reasons — such as protecting your family financially — and some that you may not have considered. Here we show you the top 5 reasons for buying term life insurance. First, the definition. Term Life insurance is … Continued

The Dummies Guide to Insurance

Most of us know what insurance is and why we need it. But do we? Sometimes, going back to basics can clear up any gaps in knowledge or misunderstanding you may not know you have. Here, for your reading pleasure, is the Dummies Guide to Insurance What is insurance? Simply put, insurance is a contract … Continued

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