The 2023 Press Start CoLab Program Awards and Winners

Last night marked the culmination of our 2023 Press Start CoLab Program, as we celebrated the remarkable achievements of our young social change champions. Over the course of the summer, 50 talented youth from across Canada dedicated their time and creativity to conceive and develop innovative social enterprises aimed at tackling the Mental Health Crisis […]

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close up blow snow winter

Mental Health Strategies for Surviving and Thriving Through a Canadian Winter

Coping with mental illness and maintaining strong mental health is difficult enough without the added obstacle of dark, cold, short winter days. The effects of our drastically changing weather and environment can be a serious strain on our energy levels, stress, appetite, and motivation. We’re here to provide you with a few different mental health […]

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You’re Not the Imposter

Defining Imposter Syndrome and Learning to Harness Your Confidence Imagine you just landed a new role – whether it be at work or in life. You’ve worked hard to get this role and have many successes to vouch for your abilities, yet you can’t shake the feeling that you’re an imposter. If you’ve ever felt […]

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Staying Active During a Pandemic/Heatwave

Sticking to a regular workout routine is hard enough without all the barriers of wearing a mask, gyms constantly shutting down, crowded parks, and our favourite…the increasingly hot heatwave. It can be difficult to find the right balance between movement and resting, particularly when it seems as if some days a jog down the street […]

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