Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship & Bursary finalists

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship & Bursary finalists

Investing in the education of our children is core to our Members’ community. Watch our video to learn more about our 2018 Scholarship & Bursary finalists: J.F. Allen Scholarship Award Winners: Shannon Scherer,The York School, Toronto ON “Lady luck smiles upon those who work hard.” Tate LevesqueGeneral Amherst High School, Greater Essex County District School … Continued

Identifying mental health issues: Signs to look for amongst students

This article is part of a special 5-part blog series for Mental Health Week 2018 There are a lot of factors that can impact a child or teenager’s mental strength such as peer pressure, physical changes, or academic and extracurricular performance. Noticing the signs of mental illness can be a daunting task as these factors … Continued

Planning for a Post-Secondary Education

No one needs to convince a teacher about the value of education. As you already know, an education is the best investment you can make. But it’s an investment that is getting more and more expensive. Tuition costs are rising and may be out of reach by the time you’re children are ready. Starting to … Continued

History of money and the development of insurance

The concepts behind money and insurance have been around a very long time. Bartering was the first system of trade. I’ll give you an axe if you help me hunt a mastodon. Some time in the distant past, our ancestors started using various objects as currency — things like salt, beads and shells. The point … Continued

J.F. Allen Scholarship Alumni: Lucas Palmer

Here’s what 2013 J.F. Allen Scholarship Award recipient, Lucas Palmer, has said about the scholarship application and interview process: The application process for the Teachers Life J.F. Allen Scholarship was convenient and very well organized. Communicating with the selection committee by email was flawless and informative. When I traveled from Windsor to Toronto for the … Continued

2015 J.F. Allen Scholarship Winners

We’re excited and proud to announce the 2015 J.F. Allen Scholarship and Bursary Winners! Congratulations to Anash Chowdhry and Hailey MacLeod, our J.F. Allen Scholarship winners! Anash is son to Member Shama Chowdhry of the Toronto District School Board. Hailey is daughter to member Janet McLeod of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. Congratulations also go out to the … Continued

Life After Graduation: Jobs, Loans and Insurance

Life after graduation is never as easy as it seems. We as educators know that students look forward to the day where they will not have to complete any more exams, coursework and assignments. But when the day finally arrives, we know that it suddenly becomes difficult to think about what life is like not … Continued

Young Scholars Creating a Buzz in Our Offices

This is our favourite time of year, and not just because signs of spring grow stronger every day.  At Teachers Life, it’s time to award our J. F. Allen Scholarship Award and Bursaries.  For us, it is one of the best benefits we have for our Members, and what helps us stay close to our … Continued

3 Benefits of Having LTD Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD) provides a more permanent income replacement as your medical condition prevents you from working over a longer time period. It offers a form of income protection in the event that an illness or disability leaves you unable to return to work. Disability benefits are different from workplace compensation benefits, as … Continued

Victoria Day Activities for Kids

With warmer weather making an appearance, we know that the Victoria Day weekend is just around the corner! Whether you’re spending the long weekend in the city, or heading to the cottage, you want to make sure you keep your children busy with enjoyable, learning activities that will keep their minds and bodies busy throughout … Continued

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