5 Times to Review Your Insurance

5 Times to Review Your Insurance

While it is best practice to review your personal finances regularly, the life of an educator is often incredibly busy. The work day doesn’t begin and end when the bell rings, and as in many professions, achieving work/life balance can be a challenge. For those who want to make time but can’t seem to, here … Continued

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship & Bursary finalists

Investing in the education of our children is core to our Members’ community. Watch our video to learn more about our 2018 Scholarship & Bursary finalists: J.F. Allen Scholarship Award Winners: Shannon Scherer,The York School, Toronto ON “Lady luck smiles upon those who work hard.” Tate LevesqueGeneral Amherst High School, Greater Essex County District School … Continued

Ready for Life: The unique online mental health resource for educators

This article is part of a special 5-part blog series for Mental Health Week 2018 At Teachers Life, we understand the needs of the education community. That is why we support Ready for Life, an online resource that’s dedicated to the unique needs of teachers. The first of its kind, the site features tips, articles, … Continued

Teachable Moments: Guiding students to mental wellness at difficult times

This article is part of a special 5-part blog series for Mental Health Week 2018 There are numerous resources available to help educators teach students their regular curriculum such as lesson plans, webinars, how-to videos and useful links to name a few. However, there are also resources available, such as Readyforlife.ca that help teachers guide … Continued

The unseen ailment: assessing your mental health

This article is part of a special 5-part blog series for Mental Health Week 2018 Teaching is among the most stressful professions in Canada. Mental health should be a priority, not only to ensure the wellness of educators, but for the wellness of the students they teach. A University of British Columbia study found that … Continued

History of money and the development of insurance

The concepts behind money and insurance have been around a very long time. Bartering was the first system of trade. I’ll give you an axe if you help me hunt a mastodon. Some time in the distant past, our ancestors started using various objects as currency — things like salt, beads and shells. The point … Continued

Teachers Life wants to raise $25,000 for Children’s Mental Health Ontario

We’re donating $2 to Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) for every online quote generated. The #Quote2Give campaign will run until we reach our goal of $25,000 raised or until December 31st 2015. We encourage all members of Ontario’s education community to participate. Together we’ll raise awareness about kid’s mental health and the impact that it … Continued

Insurance 101: The Cost of Life Insurance

80% of us overestimate the cost of life insurance. In fact, those with no life insurance think it’s 3 times more expensive than it actually is. (LIMRA, 2015). But for many, the cost per month would be less than buying a cup of coffee everyday. So what is the cost of insurance? Life insurance prices … Continued

Insurance 101: Term and Permanent

Like each of us, life insurance policies have different strengths. They each have their own purpose, features and benefits. When planning what life insurance is right for you, there are two terms you need to understand: “term” and “permanent”. These are two big product categories, and the products are designed for different needs. So let’s … Continued

When You’ve Got Big News, It’s Time To Review Your Policy

Big life events require big investments. When you’re preparing for big changes – such as buying a house, having a baby, or preparing for retirement – you’re probably reviewing your finances and considering how you’ll achieve your financial goals. At these moments, it’s a good idea to review your life insurance policy. Does your current … Continued

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