Planning for a Post-Secondary Education

Planning for a Post-Secondary Education

No one needs to convince a teacher about the value of education. As you already know, an education is the best investment you can make. But it’s an investment that is getting more and more expensive. Tuition costs are rising and may be out of reach by the time you’re children are ready. Starting to … Continued

The Importance of Estate Planning

Top 3 reasons you need an estate plan Even if you don’t think you have an estate, think again. An estate is simply the totality of an individual’s ownership of money, real estate and personal property. These are just a few of the reasons that people are confused and are asking, “Do I need an … Continued

Teaching kids the value of money and the concept of insurance

As an Educator or parent, you are in a position to help kids learn Financial Literacy from an early age. Knowing how to manage money is a key skill that everyone needs as they grow up. Following are some key concepts about money, including the concept of money itself. Money What is money? What does … Continued

History of money and the development of insurance

The concepts behind money and insurance have been around a very long time. Bartering was the first system of trade. I’ll give you an axe if you help me hunt a mastodon. Some time in the distant past, our ancestors started using various objects as currency — things like salt, beads and shells. The point … Continued

2015 J.F. Allen Scholarship Winners

We’re excited and proud to announce the 2015 J.F. Allen Scholarship and Bursary Winners! Congratulations to Anash Chowdhry and Hailey MacLeod, our J.F. Allen Scholarship winners! Anash is son to Member Shama Chowdhry of the Toronto District School Board. Hailey is daughter to member Janet McLeod of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. Congratulations also go out to the … Continued

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