Find your Focus

Find Your Focus

It’s always hard to find focus after the holidays. But during a pandemic, finding your focus may be close to impossible. If you are working from home you have the distraction of household chores, housebound spouses and children online learning. You may not have a dedicated or private work space. Perhaps though, it’s not work […]

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J.F. Allen Scholarship Alumni: Hailey MacLeod

Here’s what 2015 J.F. Allen Scholarship Award recipient, Hailey MacLeod, has said about the scholarship application and interview process: It still remains an incredible honour to be one of the recipients of the J. F. Allen Scholarship Award from 2015. The application process was very simple. My parents and I discovered the Teacher’s Life scholarship […]

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World Health Day: Tips on Improving Food Safety

April 7th is the World Health Organization’s annual World Health Day. With the increasing industrialized and global nature of our food preparation, it has become immensely important to maintain a high level of food safety. Join the WHO in celebrating and promoting this important day by bringing food safety awareness to your classroom and home […]

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