Keeping Up in a Virtual Classroom

As our COVID summer nears an end, many of us are left in the position of wondering what’s to come this fall. Although many schools are taking on different protocols for socially distant learning, it’s safe to say that won’t be experiencing our usual “back to school” routine. Whether your child will be facing partial […]

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financial education for child

No Summer Job: What Students Can Do

As we slide into the summer months of 2020 with our social distancing and masked faces, many post-secondary students find themselves under additional unusual circumstances of unemployment. Many are scrambling right now to figure out how this harsh set of financial circumstances will impact their ability to pay for next year’s tuition, rent and other […]

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World Health Day: Tips on Improving Food Safety

April 7th is the World Health Organization’s annual World Health Day. With the increasing industrialized and global nature of our food preparation, it has become immensely important to maintain a high level of food safety. Join the WHO in celebrating and promoting this important day by bringing food safety awareness to your classroom and home […]

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