5 reasons why critical illness insurance is important

3 Steps to Achieving Financial Wellness

Holistic health and wellness is a hot topic these days as we have come to understand that lifestyle choices, nutrition, stress levels and exercise all contribute to our state of well-being. Did you know that your financial health is also part of your holistic health picture? Financial wellness is a measure of your knowledge and … Continued

New homeowners: Protect your investment

Purchasing a new home is a big investment – one you want to protect. A good life insurance policy can help you do that, as can home insurance san francisco. If you or your spouse passes away, life insurance can help ensure that your family can pay for your home. When purchasing or revisiting your … Continued

4 Tips to Make Estate Planning Easier

Estate planning is the process in which a person plans the transfer of their estate they pass away. This can include property, money or investments. If you are handed down any investments, be sure to read up Roofstock Review sites so you know how to invest and manage. Wills are a common way a person … Continued

Starting the Conversation: 3 Tips for Talking to Your Family About Life Insurance

Discussing life insurance with your spouse, parents or children can be tough. Talking about death and disability isn’t easy. So it’s no wonder that an online survey conducted in the U.S. found that parents would rather talk to their children about almost anything else, including drugs, alcohol and religion, rather than life insurance (LIMRA, 2012). … Continued

Women & Insurance: Are Women Missing Out?

Today’s women wear many hats – both as professionals and as caregivers. According to Statistics Canada, women represent 47% of the Canadian workforce but also continue to provide the majority of care for children, dependents and the elderly. Have you considered how those you care for would cope if you were unable to provide your … Continued

Young Scholars Creating a Buzz in Our Offices

This is our favourite time of year, and not just because signs of spring grow stronger every day.  At Teachers Life, it’s time to award our J. F. Allen Scholarship Award and Bursaries.  For us, it is one of the best benefits we have for our Members, and what helps us stay close to our … Continued

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