This is our favourite time of year, and not just because signs of spring grow stronger every day.  At Teachers Life, it’s time to award our J. F. Allen Scholarship Award and Bursaries.  For us, it is one of the best benefits we have for our Members, and what helps us stay close to our education community.

The scholarship is awarded to students who exemplify excellence, achievement and involvement in their schools and communities. It is open to children and grandchildren of our Members and represents just one aspect of the Teachers Life’s fraternal benevolence programs and services.

The John F. Allen Scholarship was created in 1992 in honour of a founding member of the award program and former Teachers Life Board Director who served from 1969 to1991. Allen represented the strong commitment to providing quality insurance for educators as a not-for -profit, allowing for more reinvestment and support in the education community.

While the 2015 nomination process is now closed, the office was buzzing with the finalists who came in for an interview on May 20th.  Finalists hailed from Windsor to Toronto; all eager to start their post-secondary education. Their enthusiasm and bright outlook for the future energized our office.

The finalists interviewed with a panel of judges from our Board of Directors.  “It’s such a tough job – they’re all so deserving and prepared to make the most of the years ahead of them,” says teacher, Director of Teachers Life and Chair of the Fraternal Benefits Committee Angela Ciarlariello Bondy .  “But it’s a real honour for us to review these applicants and be a part of helping them on their way.”

Over the years, Teachers Life has awarded over $443,500 to students within these programs – benefits only available to our Members.  “It is a passion of ours and a highlight of the year,” says Bob Bradey Board Director at Teachers Life.  “Seeing so many children and grandchildren of our Members preparing to succeed in life is an important value of Teachers Life.”

The awards  are open to the children and grandchildren of our Members.  Nominations will start next year in January 2016.

Stay tuned for the announcement on the winners, and follows us on Facebook and Twitter to read stories of past recipients and what a difference it made in their lives.

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