Here’s what 2015 J.F. Allen Scholarship Award recipient, Hailey MacLeod, has said about the scholarship application and interview process:

It still remains an incredible honour to be one of the recipients of the J. F. Allen Scholarship Award from 2015. The application process was very simple. My parents and I discovered the Teacher’s Life scholarship and bursary options while researching such opportunities in my final year of high school, and they encouraged me to apply. My teachers in school were also extremely helpful in this pursuit, giving me equal encouragement and the references needed for the application.

After submitting the necessary documents in the mail, it was a thrill to be invited to the interview portion of the application process at the Teacher’s Life offices. The kindness and openness demonstrated by my interviewers immediately put my nerves at ease, and I look back on it as a very positive and even confidence-boosting experience. It was by far the most comfortable interview I’ve ever had!

The J. F. Allen Award itself has been an invaluable help in earning my B.A. in English at Carleton University, and has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my dreams at the post-secondary level. I am forever grateful to Teacher’s Life for their role in allowing me a greater education.