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Teachers Life is a member-driven fraternal insurer with a social mission: to improve the health and wellbeing of its members and the communities in which they live. This defining mission has the team at Teachers Life re-imagining member benefits – and the ways they are delivered – for the modern consumer.

In particular, digital technologies are playing a key role in the company’s brand transformation strategy. Martha Turner Osborne, the Chief Marketing and Sales Office at Teachers Life, noted:

“Digital excellence needs to be a fundamental part of our value proposition.”

A great example of how Teachers Life is leaning into its mission with digital is the recent rollout  of its Virtual Wellness Program powered by Virgin Pulse. Unlike other insurers, Teachers Life is offering its members this best-in-class wellness benefit to encourage healthy living. It’s one of several initiatives underway at Teachers Life that embrace digital-native technologies in service to its members and its mission.

Teachers Life is also transforming its core business – life insurance – with best-of-breed technologies to help drive growth and enhance its member experience. In particular, the ability to attract, service, and engage customers on their own terms is a key priority. To this end, Teachers Life has selected the Breathe Life hybrid distribution platform. According to Turner Osborne:

“We selected the Breathe Life platform as the innovation engine for digital distribution, ensuring our Members are fully supported – and delighted – as they shop for our products.”

Powered by the Breathe Life platform, Teachers Life members can research, shop for, and sign/execute new policies with the support of an advisor or independently. By optimizing sales across channels, Teachers Life is making it easier and faster to become a member while reducing the costs associated with acquiring new members.

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