Teachers Life sent two students to Me to We’s Take Action Camp this summer!

In the spring we took applications from Ontario students aged 9-18 for two scholarships for a week at Me to We’s Take Action Camp. Our winners were the amazing 17 year-old Jathusha Mahrenthirarajan and the delightful 12 year-old Falak Somani!

Both girls sent us enthusiastic letters about their time at camp. We were thrilled to discover that both campers had a wonderful and inspiring adventure at this unique place.

Read Falak’s letter:

Take Action Camp was an experience that I will never forget. It made my dreams become easier to achieve and has led to me to even more opportunities. (e.g, because of this camp I finally get to go to We Day!)

To begin, the first few days of camp we talked about why we are all here, and what we are here to do. Furthermore, we had breakout groups and coaching sessions. My breakout group was Local. (The other groups were Global, Change, and Arts & Activism). In these sessions we would discuss issues we are passionate about, experiences we have gone through and do activities that will help us learn more.

Now why don’t I tell you some of the highlights from this whole adventure? One major highlight was the MINGA games. This is when we are divided into colour groups and do fun challenges to earn points for our groups. I was in blue and we won the Minga Games! My favourite game was where we had to create a dance and musical air band in 20 minutes! These activities helped all campers (including me) build on their leadership and teamwork skills. Another highlight was Take Action Day. I went to the Loft Kitchen which is part of the Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre. This is an amazing place in Toronto where I had the freshest orange juice I have ever had! But that’s not all; I also did some random acts of kindness! To be specific, first we chose our jobs. I chose to go out and hand out flyers about a fundraiser they were hosting. Then we did a picked up litter, washed their windows and handed out free leftover coffee to strangers! This was super fun and made me realize you don’t always have to raise money to make someone’s day. The talent show was also an amazing thing to part of.

I showed my talent of dance and people at camp showed their talents too. I learned that everyone is so talented in their own way!

But the biggest highlight was getting to meet Spencer West! I loved learning about his amazing journey.

Now the main part of Take Action Camp is making our action plan. This is where you create a full-proof plan of what we are going to do to help decrease our issue. As I am very passionate about gender equality, so I decided to talk to my school about gender stereotypes and sexist remarks and how to decrease them. I love how all the facilitators walked us through problems we might face and solutions for them.

In all, I miss camp so much and on the last day of camp no one wanted to leave! As soon as you reach camp it is like finding your second family. In conclusion, this has been an amazing opportunity to be part of, so thank you Teachers Life, for making my dream of going to Take Action Camp come true!


P.S I definitely want to go again next year!

Read Jathusha’s letter.

Teachers Life Me to We Camp Scholarship

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