Investing in the education of our children is core to our Members’ community. Watch our video to learn more about our 2018 Scholarship & Bursary finalists:

J.F. Allen Scholarship Award Winners:

Shannon Scherer,The York School, Toronto ON

“Lady luck smiles upon those who work hard.”

Tate LevesqueGeneral Amherst High School, Greater Essex County District School Board

“Preach what you practice.”

Teachers Life Bursary Award Winners:

Meredith OtleyCitadel High School, Halifax NS

My volunteer roles have helped me to develop into a more organized, open-minded, patient and confident person and to appreciate the value of contributing to my community.

Nathan CherryHoly Names Catholic High School, Greater Essex County District School Board

I believe it is my ability to plan ahead and stay on top of my school work that allows me to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle without becoming overwhelmed.

Hall & Hall Education Award winner:

Samantha Madeira-CostaUniversity of Toronto, Toronto ON

Experience has taught me that compassion and understanding are the most effective qualities that a teacher can possess.

Our scholarships and bursaries are available to Teachers Life policyholders.

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