Mother’s Day is just around the corner, the day to celebrate and recognize the most important educators in a student’s life. Celebrating Mother’s Day gives students the opportunity to focus on the important adults in their lives, as well as learn about their peer’s families. We know students love to make their mothers feel extra special on their big day, and in our classroom, we also know it is about showing appreciation to our mothers everyday. Here are a few activities and crafts for students to get their “Thank you Mom” gears in motion!


  1. Tea Pot Poem – Teatime is Mom’s relaxation time, so why not give her a head start with a cut out teapot poem. Attach mom’s favourite teabag to the spout!
  2. Hand Heart – A super quick and easy craft idea to show mom how much you love her!
  3. Coffee Filter Flowers – Beautiful, colourful, full flowers made by the simplest supplies: Coffee filters and pipe cleaners!
  4. Mom’s Bath Jar – A fun and crafty gift that students can put together with some pretty fabric and ribbon.
  5. Melted Crayon Spring Bouquet – This activity is for the students that really want to get creative and give mom the best card ever! This activity might take a little longer, but look at the beautiful results!
  6. Fun Photo Bookmarks – An activity that is definitely one for the books! Students will love standing in front of the camera!
  7. Message to Mom – This is a great writing activity for students. Print out special writing paper so your students can write a special note to their Mom!
  8. Breakfast in Bed – A fun craft that students can get creative in the classroom and surprise their moms at home! Pack up mom’s paper bag with some breakfast snacks for a special breakfast in bed!
  9. Mother’s Day Coupon Book – Mom will love getting this coupon book if it means a little extra help around the house!
  10. Recipe Card Holder – Such a simple craft that can make mom’s cooking time even easier! All you need are some wooden clothespins, a magnet, and some stick on decorations. You’re set!


What do you have planned for your class on Mother’s Day? Share your activity and gift ideas with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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