As educators we are often privileged to witness first-hand the positive impact education has on our youth. Given the right tools, motivation and support, our students have an incredible power to break barriers and implement change. Free The Children began with one twelve year old boy’s need to right the wrongs he saw in the world. Free The Children has since built over 650 schools and classrooms, facilitating the education of 55,000 children every day. Rather than just fundraise and donate, Free The Children’s mission is to empower youth locally to be active agents of change both at home and internationally. Through the Adopt a Village program, Free The Children gives poverty-stricken communities the facilities, tools and education to sustainably lift themselves up and out of poverty.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved:

Share, share, share – post, like, tweet, get the word out about this inspiring initiative.

Click – Educators Financial Group will donate $4 for every ‘like’ their Facebook page receives. Click here to visit their page.

Adopt a Village – based on the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, you can support one or all five pillars of the Adopt a Village program – education, clean water and sanitation, food security, healthcare, and alternative income. More info here.

Here’s How You Can Get Students Involved:

Start a Campaign – find a campaign that resonates with your students, download the free kit, and have fun!

Have a Discussion – The columns on the Free The Children site provide great discussion topics for your students. Help raise awareness for local and global issues that are current, by facilitating weekly discussions. Find previous columns or subscribe here.

From Me to We – sign up for the We Act program and help your students create change on a communal and global level. Click here to learn more.

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