Hall & Hall Education Award

Meet the 2020 Hall & Hall Education Award Winner!

This year, we have the honor of recognizing an exceptional student with the Hall & Hall Education Award. The Hall & Hall scholarship is awarded to one post-secondary student who is entering into a faculty of education teaching program.   We are pleased to share that this year’s deserving recipient, is William Nicolaou of York University. […]

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Teachable Moments: Guiding students to mental wellness at difficult times

This article is part of a special 5-part blog series for Mental Health Week 2018 There are numerous resources available to help educators teach students their regular curriculum such as lesson plans, webinars, how-to videos and useful links to name a few. However, there are also resources available, such as Readyforlife.ca that help teachers guide […]

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Change the View Video Contest 2016

A blog post from our partners Children’s Mental Health Ontario: Teachers: Help Reduce Mental Health Stigma – Change the View 2016 Teachers we know that you play a crucial role in supporting kids with mental health issues in the classroom. We need your help because shame is one of the most challenging feelings that youth battle […]

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