mom daughter hot in front of fan blowing

Staying Active During a Pandemic/Heatwave

Sticking to a regular workout routine is hard enough without all the barriers of wearing a mask, gyms constantly shutting down, crowded parks, and our favourite…the increasingly hot heatwave. It can be difficult to find the right balance between movement and resting, particularly when it seems as if some days a jog down the street […]

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Change the View Video Contest 2016

A blog post from our partners Children’s Mental Health Ontario: Teachers: Help Reduce Mental Health Stigma – Change the View 2016 Teachers we know that you play a crucial role in supporting kids with mental health issues in the classroom. We need your help because shame is one of the most challenging feelings that youth battle […]

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2015 Charity BBQ: A Huge Success!

On June 18th we fired up the grills for the Teachers Life 9th Annual Charity BBQ.  The weather was perfect, our customers were hungry and the raffle prizes were irresistible – the stage was set for a record-breaking fundraising day. We are pleased and excited to share that we raised over $3000 for Free the […]

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