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    • Drafting your Will: What you need to Know for First Time Will Creation
    • Date: December 05 , 2014
    • Drafting your will can feel like a daunting task, but creating your first will can be easier than you think if you know what to expect and how to prepare. Think a will is only necessary if you’re married with children? Think again. A simple will is beneficial at any stage of your life, and your will can always be cancelled or amended if and when you want to make changes. Here is what you should know before starting your will: Lawyer vs. Home Kit When considering costs, an at-home Will Kit can seem like a good option. Although you could complete the kit you might make mistakes and all the online research in the world cannot replace years of education and work experience a lawyer would have. Have an idea of how much a lawyer would charge? You could be overestimating, why not contact a lawyer for a quote?...
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    • 8 Holiday Craft Ideas For The Classroom
    • Date: December 01 , 2014
    • ‘Tis the season to start thinking holiday! While most students are eagerly awaiting their winter breaks (and the teachers are too!) it is always fun to built up the anticipation with creative, challenging crafts that can bring the season of giving into the classroom. We’ve scoured the web to curate a list of 8 holiday crafts for kids using budget-friendly materials. Tweak these decor ‘recipes’ to make them easier or more challenging, depending on your crafters’ age and level.   The Snowman Door – Likely the easiest project on our list is the Snowman Door by The Creative Stamper Spot. Why not get the whole school involved with a Snowman Door Showdown.   Felt Garland – Choose festive colours, let the students pick their own colours, or try a rainbow theme. This easy Felt Garland tutorial by My Blessed Life can be hung above the board for a great class...
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