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    • President’s Desk: Introverts Or Extroverts
    • Date: November 27 , 2014
    • Do introverts or extroverts make the best sales people? This was the question that noted business author Dan Pink addressed in his latest book, “To Sell is Human”. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Dan speak a couple of times, and his recent talk at the Rotman School at the University of Toronto really got me thinking about this question in the context of an particular Teachers Life! So what did Pink’s research tell us? Well, if you guessed extroverts are the more successful sellers, you are correct! Extroverts were only slightly better than introverts in the sales process. What was really interesting was that ‘ambiverts’ were much better salespeople than both! Ambiverts are a combination of both introversion and extraversion…apparently they know when to shut up in the sales process and when to speak up. Now, I’m giving you the highlights on this part of it only to...
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